3 Reasons Why Beyonce’s “Vegan” Announcement is Good News

beyonce vegan

So there’s been an uproar and a whole lot of news about Beyonce’s appearance on Good Morning America today, and the media have been covering just how angry her fans are about the announcement that she’s vegan.

That’s all good and well, they can be mad and post meaty emoji’s on her instagram but I’m more interested in the vegan community’s response. While some have been applauding how much attention she’s been getting, there are a lot of people who are angry that she’s calling herself vegan when perhaps she should be calling herself ‘plant-based’… I understand this, she’s technically not vegan, but I think the positives far outweigh the misuse of the word ‘vegan’.

1. Beyonce has amazing reach and influence

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Beyonce was not only one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, she graced the magazine’s cover! Every day she reaches nearly 39 million fans onInstagram, 63 million on Facebook and millions have seen the news today of the announcement. If even a small percentage of her fans eat less animal products, take up a plant-based diet, or start to look into veganism they’ll be making a huge difference!

2. The Animals Still Win

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From Meat-Free Mondays to Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Plant-Based, Vegan and… Level 5 Vegans – any step towards veganism is amazing news and the animals still win. In a world where cruelty dominates, any awareness that decreases the suffering of even one animal’s life is a win!

3. Plant-Based Dieters Often Become Ethical Vegans

Not everyone goes vegan overnight and usually for different reasons. While a lot of people move to a plant-based diet for health reasons they usually open their eyes to the environmental and compassionate reasons for the lifestyle. What starts as a plant-based dieter wearing fur or leather can quite quickly become someone cutting any animal products from their lives! Hopefully she’ll be toting a Matt n Nat bag and Beyond Skin shoes before we know it!


YES, Beyonce has been seen wearing fur to vegan restaurants, wearing heinous animals skin shoes, feeding tigers and whole lot of other things I don’t agree with. But she’s come a long way since then and hopefully we’ll see less and less of this until she is leading a truly vegan lifestyle! For now, thank you Beyonce, for promoting a diet free of animals!

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