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This blog was originally posted in 2013.

Ah Berlin, Berlin… how I love you! I spent some time living in Berlin in 2007/8, deferring uni for a year and living a care free life with my German partner. At the time I was eating meat, so this was my first time as a vegan in Berlin!

I knew Berlin would be vegan friendly since it’s such an accepting city; bearded men handing out flyers dressed in drag, one man starting a karaoke movement, stilt unicyclists juggling pins for oncoming traffic… and no one blinks an eyelid… oh the crazy things I’ve seen! Because of this no one really cares about your lifestyle, heck they’ll probably commend you for going against the norm!



Momos Berlin

The first place to visit was Momos – a cute little restaurant on a quiet leafy street in Mitte. All of the food is organic and they offer soup and salad, but the main attraction here is the dumplings which are all vegetarian, but mostly vegan. The menu is simple, choose the size of your meal and the dumpling fillings and dips you want. We opted for the large size to share; 27 steamed dumplings with 3 filling choices and 2 dips. I was so excited when they came out I forgot to take a photo of the food! You could tell the ingredients were fresh and the little parcels were made with love; my favourite were the sweet potato with soy/sesame dip – yum! The price was really good for what we got (€4.5 each) and the staff were really lovely, but they could have had a tiny little bit more flavour and spice. Rating: 3.5/5 

momos vegan berlin

Veganz Vegan Groceries

The next stop on my Vegan journey was Veganz – the world’s largest vegan supermarket chain. Oh Em Gee, am I glad I visited. This place is amazing and made me want to move back to Berlin pronto! They had every product a vegan could dream of and so many that aren’t available in Australia; Gardein, Daiya, Wheaty, rows and rows of different cheeses, milks, lollies and chocolate, books, DVDs, an all vegan cafe… I think I stood there with my mouth open for at least a minute! If you go to Berlin you can’t miss this place… it’s also on the world’s first all-vegan avenue (though it’s more like one block of a street).

veganz berlin review

Kopps Berlin

After reading the amazing reviews on Happy Cow, next on the list was Kopps, which is known for selling German style Vegan food. When I lived in Berlin I was introduced to Currywurst; a classic Berliner food that sounds absolutely disgusting but is totally delicious – bratwurst sliced into bite size pieces, smeared in curry ketchup and sprinkled with curry powder and served with a fresh batch of fries. Of course the thought of a meat sausage makes me sick to the stomach now, but when I saw a vegan option on their menu I HAD to have it! But first came our entree of a bread basket with ‘egg’ salad which was so realistic I kept examining it, it was amazingly tasty.

kopps vegan egg berlin

Vegan egg at Kopps

When the currywurst arrived we were a little disappointed in the portion of ‘bratwurst’ but the taste soon made up for that. The whole time we ate it we talked about how realistic it was, scarily so! Even my omni-boyfriend couldn’t believe it was vegan – something the waiter was very happy about. The side of homemade chips/wedges and homemade elderflower lemonade was also too good for words.

kopps vegan currywurst

Vegan currywurst at Kopps

Kopps was so good we wanted to come back again but just didn’t have the time… a shame, because the dinner menu looked even more delicious than lunch! It’s a great restaurant, one I would invite all meat-eating family and friends to show how great vegan food can be. Rating: 4.5/5.

And that was Berlin; easy peasy for vegans to eat at! When I wasn’t eating at vegan restaurants you could find me buying a falafel kebab – seriously the world’s best (there’s a rumour that kebabs were created in Berlin). Another great place I used to eat at, but didn’t visit this time which I can highly recommend is W-Der Imbiss.

Have you travelled as a vegan to Berlin? I’d love to hear your experience in the best city in the world, as well as the other places I’ve travelled as a vegan.

Next up… London!

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